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UPDATE: We now have donation boxes in all of The Body Shop stores across the country. All proceeds will go to providing clean water, clean toilets, solar lighting, lentils and rehydration sachets to Rohingya refugee families in Bangladesh through Children on the Edge. Thank you!

A catastrophic rise of violence and ethnic cleansing in Rakhine State, Myanmar has forced over 650,000 Rohingya people across the border into Bangladesh in recent months – 60% of these are children. Refugees have fled into the makeshift refugee camps along the border; who are ill-equipped to host thousands of traumatised new arrivals.

At SpinningTop, we have begun an appeal to meet this humanitarian crisis. All proceeds will go through Children on the Edge who have been working with Rohingya families in the refugee camps for the past 7 years. Hundreds of thousands of these new refugees have ended up in the Kutupalong area, where Children on the Edge provide education for Rohingya children. 

“Our years of experience working with the Rohingya refugee community here makes us uniquely placed to respond to the current crisis. We are responding to both the immediate relief needs of the new arrivals (clean water, clean toilets, lentils). As well as preparing to provide safe spaces for children once the crisis passes and the world’s attention turns elsewhere. There are hundreds of thousands of newly-displaced, stateless children who are extremely vulnerable, arriving in communities where we are working." – Children on the Edge

Thank you.


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