Good cause. Great night. Hilarious fundraising laughs with some of NZ's best comedians. Each year an all-star line-up donate a Sunday night set for SpinningTop, prompting the comics to throw out the script and ‘go rogue’ at these 2-hour showcase events.

Thanks to our ever generous comedians and wonderful sponsors The Body Shop – along with Six-Barrel Soda, Whittaker's, Black Dog Brewery, and Flight Coffee – which means ticket sales goes to the projects. This night is all about generosity! Thank you so much.

Who does the fundraising benefit?

Since 2006, a stunning line up of comedians have donated their awesomeness at this gala event, to support at-risk migrant children from Burma and Thailand. Thanks to the comedians and generous sponsors, proceeds from these shows go to SpinningTop projects. Previous shows have helped fund long-lasting education projects including the construction of two schools in the jungles of Burma, sustainable agriculture gardens to feed hundreds of kids in boarding houses, and setting up an alternative education centre for kids who are vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking on the busy Thai/Burma border. These projects are becoming community hubs, encouraging families to return to Burma and rebuild their lives and their villages after decades of war and oppression. 

As Michele A'Court says: “Really? Us? Jokes made that?! It's hard to get my head around, but it makes me very, very happy!"


Thank you to our core crew of committed comedians: Ben Hurley, Michele A’Court, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer, Jeremy Elwood, and James Nokise. And also to the insanely inspiring, ever-changing list of NZ guests and internationals who have included: Urzila Carlson, Dai Henwood, Justine Smith, Raybon Kan, Brynley Stent, Steve Wrigley, Jason John Whitehead, Jan Maree, Vaughan King, Simon McKinney, Chris Martin, Tom Wrigglesworth, Marcel Lucont, Dan Nightingale, Paul Ego, Nick Rado, Rhys Mathewson, James Acaster, Rich Wilson, Jimmy McGhie, Ron Josol, Jesse Griffin, Sera Devcich, Rhys Nicholson, Nazeem Hussain, Markus Birdman, Guy Williams, Donna Brookbanks, Sarah Callaghan, James Roque and more.