Meet the crew

With a keen sense of the inequalities in the world and the need to bring some balance to the equation, our team at SpinningTop develop projects and the necessary fundraising strategy to effect change.

Annie Fischer has a long history of volunteer work. "I can't" is not part of her vocabulary. Rarely frazzled she relishes a challenge, loves the diversity of working at SpinningTop and the opportunity to make a change – no matter how small. Annie manages everything to do with running SpinningTop, and well as managing Defender Bags.

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Paul Dodge
If you've seen any of our social media, video-clips, facebook, MailChimp, enews, posters or promo material, then Paul has probably had a hand in it somewhere along the line. Originally a SpinningTop volunteer in Samoa, Paul now films, photographs, writes and edits to help tell our stories.

We are supported by our benevolent trustees: Pat Shepherd, Barrie Thomas, Shelly Robinson, Callum Davies & Michael Gibson. 

Barrie founded the organisation way back in 2006 and it is through his ongoing support that we even exist. He is the Director of both Levi's® Retail NZ and The Body Shop® NZ who have kindly nominated us as their charity of choice and incredibly cover our admin and salary costs.

Shelly was formally the Values and Communications Manager of The Body Shop New Zealand, Shelly went on to become the founding SpinningTop manager. After a short stint away following the birth of her 2nd child, Shelly returned to her roots to provide support to the team and become a guardian of what she now sees as one of the greatest accomplishments of her life. Now a full time mum she is also a director of Misery Guts, a kids brand who work hard to maintain the social and ethical practices Shelly is so passionate about.

Pat joined the board after 5 years co-managing the charity. A talented photographer, designer, creative genius, logistics master and all round ‘make it happen man’, Pat also founded and manages One Percent Collective, a charity working to inspire a generosity movement in Aotearoa.

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