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SpinningTop is The Body Shop® NZ’s charity of choice. Barrie Thomas, the legendary director of The Body Shop NZ, was the force behind our establishment in 2005, along with the original manager of the charity, Shelly Mansfield, who led the way in turning SpinningTop into what it is today.

The Body Shop® NZ’s ongoing support means that SpinningTop’s wages and office running costs are covered. That means that over 90% of every dollar we raise goes directly to help a child who really needs it. The remainder goes towards costs involved with making the projects happen, such as bank transfer fees, and monitoring project effectiveness.


In addition to Barrie, The Body Shop® staff and customers provide invaluable support to SpinningTop through payroll giving (50% of staff!) and the purchase of SpinningTop products instore and via their webstore. We also have several other businesses and individuals who regularly give through payroll giving and via the One Percent Collective initiative. Thank you!


Our fundraising products vary from our Defender Bags range (made from recycled billboards) to our handmade wooden spinning top toys and jewellery, plus purses made in Thailand as part of an income generation project.

The Good Guys Comedy Show

Once a year we also hold The Good Guys - a comedy fundraising event as part of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

Who else is essential to our existence? You. Anyone who takes the time to find out what we do and can support us through a donation, sign up to payroll giving (forgo one coffee for one day to feed a child for a week) or buy one of our sustainable products. Thank you!

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Huge thanks to our regular supporters!

If you are interested in joining them with your support, just email us on Thank you!