The Good Guys comedy fundraiser is turning 10. Can you believe it?!
For the past decade, as part of The NZ International Comedy Festival, comedians have donated their awesomeness to make you laugh, and help raise money for kids in the projects we support. Amazing! Not to be missed.
Find out more: Wellington Sun 7 May & Auckland Sunday 14 May.  

SpinningTop exists to give balance to vulnerable children living in poverty, whose lives have been thrown off balance through war, oppression, natural disaster and other circumstances beyond their control. 


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Learn more about why we exist and all the amazing projects that your donations help support in Thailand & Burma.

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Keen to support the children? Here you will find info on donating and the products we sell which support the children.

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Your donations provide support to over 15,000 vulnerable children in Thailand and Burma. We're excited to bring you stories about the opportunities you are giving these children to live safe and balanced lives in their communities.