Regular donations free us up to work on the impact we can make with each dollar, meaning less time on grant writing and fundraising. We are a partner charity of One Percent Collective and firmly belief that people can make huge changes in this world with small, regular amounts of support.


The Body Shop® staff giving example 

80 of The Body Shop® NZ's staff donate between $5–$10 per week to SpinningTop. This comes out of their wages and helps us raise around $15,000 a year to support our projects. All donations can be claimed, meaning staff get a third back, so while we get the full $5, they only end up donating $3.33, less than the cost of a coffee per week. Could you join them with a regular donation?

If you are ready to start donating via a regular AP, please just email us a hello and we will get you the exact bank info you need to get your AP setup. Alternatively you can sign up through One Percent Collective here, select SpinningTop as your chosen charity and 100% of your donations will be passed on to us. We look forward to hearing from you. Email us at