Since 2006, SpinningTop has been funding projects for vulnerable children in the SouthEast Asia region. Thousands of children have had an education, hundreds of teachers got paid and were able to feed their own families, and the most at-risk children found a sanctuary.


Most of our support goes to the people of Burma, where generations of children have endured military brutality and senseless persecution. While a number of ceasefires are now in place, thousands remain displaced and live in absolute poverty.  

Below is a map of south-eastern Burma and its border with Thailand. For a long time it was not safe to work inside Burma and so we focused on the refugees that fled or were forced from their villages and in to Thailand, principally in the Thai town of Mae Sot. 

We now support several local grassroots villages and ventures inside Burma to provide food, shelter, education and other opportunities to vulnerable children.



Within Burma, and in the Karen state where we concentrate our efforts, are thousands living as internally displaced people within their own country. They have been denied their basic human rights and still live under the threat of unexploded landmines and further military unrest. Since 2011, following ceasefire agreements, we have helped construct three schools in remote villages inside Burma. These schools are making a huge difference to the lives of children and to the surrounding villages. The schools are a new centre for the community, symbols of rebuilding and a safe place for children to be, learn and play. (Read more about individual projects at top of page.)